Our society was established to connect dentists in the area and provide a venue for professional discourse.  We welcome general dentists and specialists alike.  

We meet regularly at different locations to exchange ideas, socialize, and gain continuing education.  Meetings are generally held at restaurants in downtown Rochester and offer a great opportunity to get to know other dentists in the area. 

We are always pleased to welcome any new members!  Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a member. 

Contact zumbrovalleyds@gmail.com to become a new member or request minutes from a board meeting. 

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  • Dr. Joe Beatty 🡪 Current President

  • Dr. Kyle Ettinger 🡪 Past President

  • Dr. Matt Merfeld 🡪 Vice President

  • Dr. Chad Larson 🡪 Secretary

  • Dr. Abheer Jayakar 🡪 Future Secretary

  • Dr. Jill Merrill 🡪 Treasurer

  • Dr. Tate Dison🡪 Future Treasurer/Webmaster

  • Dr. Scott Funke 🡪 All Staff Meeting Coordinator

  • Dr. Deborah Majerus 🡪 Board Member

  • Dr. Brandon Preuss 🡪 Board Member